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Jeff Wilson has been involved in various aspects of music composition, performance and production for 40+ years. He was educated in all aspects of music composition, theory and history at El Camino College in Torrance, CA.  After studying classical guitar  with Vicente Gomez, he took extensive jazz guitar lessons from Tony Rizzi and Vito Mumulo.


In the mid 70’s, Jeff was part of Roger Tallman’s music company; one of the nation’s premiere jingle-writing organizations as a representative and a composer.


As a working musician he toured extensively across the United States, Western Europe, Scandinavia, Canada and England with the band The Love Machine in 1975.


Jeff was a member of Pure Prairie League from 1979 to 1983, and he co-wrote many songs for the band including their highest charting single “Let Me Love You Tonight”… a top ten hit sung by bandmember Vince Gill. Additionally, his music career has included many endeavors in radio, television,  commercials and film, including “Their Stories”, a documentary about U.S. war veterans directed by Todd Felderstein.


He will soon be releasing the first two singles off of his new children’s album “Imagination.” This collection of songs were created in a way that will appeal to kids and adults alike.


His love of the craft compels him to continuously compose creative blends of sonic textures, interesting grooves and varied musical landscapes. Jeff has the wonderful ability to create music particularly suited to work in concert with compelling imagery to evoke powerful responses.  


When composing and producing high quality music expected in today's competitive music environment, Jeffrey is a team player and he checks his ego at the door. He has had enough experience to know how to handle himself with top commercial level producers, clients, agencies and other artists. 

3 Women

Director: Robert Altman

20thCentury Fox

Source Music

Their Stories

Documentary score


Todd Felderstein


Hyperion Hotel

Animated T.V. Pilot

Theme Song


Gloria Vain

Director: James Burrows

T.V. Pilot 


Theme Song


Muriel’s Wave

T.V. Pilot


Theme song


Flight Crew

T.V. Series

History Channel

Additional music


Pig Sty

T.V. Pilot

20thCentury Fox

Theme Song


What’s Up With That?


T.V. Pilot

Theme Song

Internet radio show




Budweiser-spec spot

McDonalds spec spot

Coors Beer

Barq’s Root Beer

Lifesource Water



Jim Dixon Realty




Let Me Love You Tonight

Pure Prairie League

(No. 10 – Billboard Charts)


Still Right Here in my Heart

Pure Prairie League

(No. 27 – Billboard Charts)


Too Much Love

Chaka Khan


Too Many Heartaches in Paradise

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band


Do You Dream About Me?

Patrick Simmons (Doobie Brothers)


Bad Mistake

James House

(featured in the movie,

The Wraith, starring Charlie Sheen)

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